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As West Bloomfield roofing contractors visit a customer, homeowners might be under the impression that professionals are only concerned with the structure's exterior components. However, the roof is intricately connected to walls, ceilings and the attic. Insulation attached to the roof's underside is an important part of structural examinations and overall building health. Contractors want attics to have ample insulation to help both the interior and rooftop stay healthy.

For the best roof and attic coverage, spray on insulation is the best choice. This material is literally sprayed onto bare attic ceilings, allowing it to adhere to every crevice. Professionals add enough insulation to form several inches of thickness to match the region's weather patterns. Blanket insulation is somewhat adequate but does have many crevices where air can escape. The roof above needs the attic to have a steady temperature controlled by insulation to preserve materials.

Attic insulation prevents hotspots across the rooftop. Any heat transfer between the exterior and interior is blocked, allowing the home to remain cooler as a result. A cool roof helps shingles and underlayment remain viable for decades at a time. Hot summers and cold winters create extreme temperature conditions on the rooftop.

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With the insulation below, all these temperatures can remain as uniform as possible. Shingles won't be too prone to cracking or curling with calm temperatures.

During the snowy season, roofs with no insulation and poor ventilation create ice damming situations. As snow melts at the roof ridge, it reforms into ice at the eave. Water becomes blocked and backs up under shingles for almost instant moisture damage to the sheathing. Insulation maintains that steady temperature across the rooftop along with good ventilation. Snow cannot melt unevenly, allowing the structure to avoid any water damage.

Another important aspect of insulation as it relates to rooftops is leak clues. If water does seep into the sheathing, stains and mold appear on the insulation. Contractors can look at the insulation within the attic to determine leak locations and severity. Without insulation catching the moisture, leaks are often difficult to pinpoint because they travel several feet from their origination point. Roofers want to find all leaks to create a water resistant surface for years of protection.

Homeowners should provide a clear pathway to the attic before contractors arrive. Remove any obstacles and keep children away from the work area. With easy access to attic components, roofers can complete their inspection accurately and quickly. Homeowners want a thorough roof repair that includes insulation and attic inspections.

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