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Protecting the roof is one of the essential elements of a home's structural integrity. Protection becomes even more critical in the winter when heavy snow begins to fall and the temperatures dip below freezing. Winter in northern climates can lead to ice dams forming on the roof, and these ice dams can do serious damage to the roof of a home. For more information on how to prevent ice dams from forming on the roof of the home, homeowners should contact their local West Bloomfield roofing contractors. They have the knowledge and experience to be able to demonstrate the best methods for preventing the buildup of ice dams on roofs.

When learning about the methods of prevention designed to keep roofs clear of ice dams, it is essential to understand how they are formed. When heat from the home rises to the attic, it can warm the bottom surface of the roof, which causes the snow to melt from the bottom up. Unfortunately, this warmth rarely spreads to the eaves of the roof. Because the snow at the top of the roof begins to melt, it rolls down the roof to the eaves where it remains and refreezes.

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This prevents other snow and water from rolling off the roof, and soon it begins to build up. If the temperatures warm enough for it to melt, the water from the built up ice and snow will begin to back up and leak into the house.

Ice dams do not only cause leaking. They can also cause structural damage to the roof. They can destroy shingles and even cause significant damage to the gutter system attached to the home. Combined with the high potential of leaking, preventing or removing ice dams is very important.

The best way to prevent ice dams is to make sure the attic is well insulated. This will stop the warm air from leaving the house through the attic. Not only will proper insulation prevent ice dams, but it will also keep the home warmer in the winter. Homeowners also need to ensure their attic is properly ventilated. When an attic is properly ventilated, outside air will be able to enter, ensuring that the attic does not collect heat and cause ice dams.

If an ice dam has already collected itself on the roof of a home, homeowners should call a professional contractor. Climbing on a roof in the winter is very dangerous, and roofing contractors have the tools and equipment necessary to remove snow dams from roofs safely and effectively.

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