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A home's roof is more than just a water resistant surface; it also incorporates safe drainage into sewers at ground level. Homeowners may want to understand the details behind gutter inspection and adjustments before consulting with West Bloomfield roofing professionals who understand roof science and its importance to structural health.

As professionals arrive at a residence for a basic inspection, they have a mental list of different examination points to verify. A critical first step toward gutter care is simply walking the structure's perimeter. Contractors use basic visual clues to narrow down problem areas. A muddy, low lying area just below a gutter signifies a consistent leak, for example. Contractors also inspect downspouts and drain areas to ensure there are no blockages. Even detached gutters are easily spotted from the ground because their bowed appearance offers an exaggerated shape.

Using ladders, contractors will continue the inspection at eye level with the gutters. They will concentrate on the roof slope line and its angle toward the gutter. Any gutter adjustments close to the roof's edge will then be performed, ensuring rainwater doesn't flow over or under the drainage system.

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The roof's slope determines how far the gutter must be from the edge to efficiently move water to the ground.

Gutters aren't perfectly level as they extend the length of a structure's side. Contractors actually create a slight angle to their horizontal length, using gravity to force the moisture down to the ground. Horizontal angles cannot be miscalculated because puddling and water backups can occur in these cases. Attachment points across the fascia board could be altered, added or removed to accommodate the gutter system safely.

Contractors won't wait until the next storm to see if gutters work efficiently. They will often run hoses up to the roof to simulate rain. Roofers watch the water flow into gutters, making note of any improper drainage points. With the hose turned off, contractors make systematic adjustments and test the gutters again. When water flows perfectly to the ground, the system is adjusted accordingly. Following a major adjustment, each subsequent inspection by a professional should only include small adjustments unless major damage has occurred.

Roofers who seem to overlook the gutter system during a preventive maintenance appointment may not have all the skills necessary to service the property properly. A roof quickly degrades when water doesn't flow properly off its surface, so homeowners must find a contractor who takes gutters as seriously as the shingled surface during each appointment.

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