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A roof is more than just the shingles on the top of a home. Homeowners should keep in mind that gutters are an integral part of ensuring the roof stays leak free and protects the home from the elements. Maintaining the gutters helps the roof do its job and saves the homeowner from a very large bill down the road. In order to learn the proper maintenance, owners of historical homes should know what kind of gutters their home has. Proper gutter work is best done by Rochester Hills roofing contractors to keep the gutters at their peak functionality.

Box gutters are found on higher end historical homes. Built in box gutters are metal lined wooden boxes that were built into the eaves of the house. The metal lining was made of lead or copper, and the gutters were decorated with crown molding to help them blend into the home.

With a box gutter, the water is guided into a metal flange that funnels the water into a downspout. Common problems with these box gutters are failed solder joints, eroded metal linings, rotting wood and insufficient size to handle the amount of water.

Hanging metal gutters were the most commonly installed types of gutters from the late 19th century through the 1940s. Half round gutters were the most popular in the northern states, and the oldest versions were made with lead that was wrapped around a pole.

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Unfortunately, the half round gutters were too small to handle the water coming off the roof and simply went over the gutter instead of through it. Modern half round gutters are more functional and come in aluminum, copper, stainless steel and galvanized metal. They can be painted by hand to match the home, which is especially important in Victorian era homes, or factory painted.

The second kind of hanging gutters are K style gutters. These were invented in the 1940s and are commonly used today. They're made with aluminum and crown molding on the front of the gutter. Once they're installed on the house, they blend in to look like they're a part of the home's eave. Depending on the look the homeowner wants, the downspouts can be round or square. They require far less maintenance than the half round or box gutters because they're seamless and less likely to leak.

Choosing the right type of gutter for a historical home depends on a careful combination between how much maintenance the owner wants to do and what will match the home's facade. Making the right decision will mean the home maintains its original look while still having a functional gutter system.

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