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When roofing shingles are newly installed, they look great and can really make a home pop. Unfortunately, that clean look is gone within the first year for many homeowners. The good news is that it's possible to maintain that fresh look throughout the life of the product, but that generally requires proactive rather than reactive maintenance. Ideally, homeowners should have a Rochester Hills roofing professional come to their home at least twice annually, once in spring and once in fall, to perform an inspection along with basic cleaning and maintenance.

Homeowners can perform regular roof inspections as well, and these can be done from the safety of the ground using a pair of binoculars. It's also important to perform a cursory examination of a roof after a storm. One reason is to keep an eye out for damage, but another is to check for branches, pine straw and dirt that can accumulate on a roof. These organic materials will break down over time, and that process can have a staining effect on shingles.

Cleaning a roof every couple of months or when dirt and blemishes are noted is recommended.

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If water pressure is good enough, a roof can be rinsed down with a garden hose, and water is usually all it takes. Despite common belief, pressure washing is never a good idea because the force can actually damage or dislodge shingles. If the roof is too high, hire a professional to perform the work as needed. If the shingles are particularly dirty or have algae or other growth on them, then a cleaning solution may be necessary.

Most manufacturers don't recommend using harsh chemicals, and many roofing professionals will use nothing stronger than oxygen bleach. If dirt or algae are stubborn, then the best way to remove stains may be to hand clean them through careful scraping and brushing.

If algae or other growth is a consistent problem, then cleaning it will just be an ongoing battle. The better approach is to provide the shingles with some form of algae resistance. There are shingles with algae resistance built in, but this option is usually only feasible when reroofing. An alternative is to install copper or zinc flashing at the ridgeline and other strategic locations. If the problem is moss or a fungal growth, then the best approach is to identify the cause, such as too much shade, and eliminate it as much as possible.

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