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Clay shingles can be the perfect choice for any homeowner because they feature a wide variety of advantages. It is strongly recommended for all interested homeowners to learn more about how clay shingles can be ideal for their home before they consult with Rochester Hills roofing professionals for an installation.

Clay has been implemented as a primary roofing material for almost as long as human civilization has been in existence. Even at many archaeological sites throughout the world that are estimated to be thousands of years old, professionals have found that the clay shingles there are still almost intact. This speaks volumes for the ability of this material to stand the test of time. These shingles are capable of withstanding heavy wind, rain, hail and other types of physical wear and tear, making them an excellent investment for a home. Though most ancient clay tiles are a uniform faded orange hue, modern homeowners will not have to worry about such a problem. Today's clay shingles come in countless colors and sizes to match any home's facade. This is an especially important consideration in areas where houses must be certain colors according to a homeowners' association.

Another one of the reasons that clay can make a great roofing material is the fact that it can insulate the home while protecting it from the elements.

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Clay actually works to keep temperatures warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Because it reflects rather than absorbs the sun's warming rays, natural clay can reduce the household's electricity usage as the material helps maintain a stable temperature inside of the home. This makes clay ideal during the hot summer months. Clay shingles can allow air currents to circulate throughout the attic, resulting in the development of an air pocket that further insulates the home.

Finally, this material is highly resistant to all types of damage, which means that homeowners will not have to worry about extensive maintenance. Clay is highly weather resistant. It will require no staining or repainting, and so long as homeowners are prepared to perform regular inspections and any needed maintenance, clay tiles can last as long as a century. Clay is also completely fireproof and can resist damage that may be common with other materials, such as mold, rot and water damage. Clay is resistant to thermal expansion, and the material itself does not attract insects, making it a desirable choice for just about any location.

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