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Compared to other shingle types, wood shingles require extra care and maintenance. They're susceptible to wood-rotting fungi that grow in moist conditions. Because of this, wood shingle roofs require regular cleaning to promote drying. Grand Rapids roofing experts recommend these steps to care for wood shingles.

Overhanging branches that create shady areas on the roof should be removed. Constant shade prevents the roof's ability to dry completely. Additionally, tree branches touching the roof can rub grooves into the shingles or cause the fasteners that hold them to become loose. In areas that are particularly wooded, trees and branches can also impede the airflow over the roof, which can cause incredibly slow drying. The growth of lichens and mosses is a sign that the roof isn't drying properly as well, and it often indicates that the trees and branches around the roof need to be trimmed.

Debris on the roof can also prevent it from drying quickly. Accumulated twigs, branches and leaves retain moisture, which encourages the growth of mold and fungi. Debris can be rinsed off with a garden hose or swept away with a broom. While it's easy to clean around chimneys and in roof valleys, it's also important to remove debris from the keyways. Sweeping the roof's surface gently is often sufficient to remove the debris there, and it can also knock loose initial growths of moss and lichen.

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Take appropriate safety precautions when cleaning from on top of the roof.

Pressure washers, often used by professionals, are sometimes effective at removing debris. However, water streams with high pressure can cause shingle erosion or detachment from the roof, which significantly reduces its lifespan.

After removing debris, there may be spots of light staining or discoloration on the tiles. A mild detergent mixed with bleach and water is often enough to remove stains and reduce discoloration. Increasing the concentration of bleach will help remove tougher stains. Drips, runs and splashes of bleach do have the potential to mar the roof's appearance. Be careful to apply cleaning solutions to only the stained or discolored spots. It's best to use these cleaning solutions outside of direct sunlight. Always wear eye protection and rubber gloves when working with strong cleaning solutions.

The unique appearance of wood shingles makes them a popular choice for homes and other structures, but they require a bit of extra maintenance relative to other shingle types. Cleaning a few times a year will keep away lichen and fungi that many damage the shingles and roof.

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