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Winter storms can be hard on a roof. Therefore, having the roof inspected before and after the winter season is an important step to take to avoid some of the major damage that colder weather leaves in its wake. Roof repairs jump tremendously after the winter months, but not all of those repairs are a result of unexpected storms.

Often, leaks and other forms of water damage that occur over the winter are a direct result of neglecting to have the roof inspected before the first major storm of the year. For example, worn shingles, missing tiles or cracked flashing could easily be fixed before the first hard frost. Poor roof ventilation, which contributes to the formation of ice dams, can also be improved before any damaging snow arrives.

While hail damage, heavy winds or flying debris might put homeowners at a storm's mercy, attempting to fix the problems once winter has begun can be dangerous for the homeowner. Homeowners risk serious injury when attempting to clear the gutters or drip edge of icicles or ice dams. Even clearing snow off the roof is best left up to a Grand Rapids roofing professional.

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Wet shingles are slick, and roofing contractors have special training and equipment that allows them to protect themselves against potential falls. In addition, depending on the type of roof, homeowners can damage the tiles just by walking on them.

Asphalt shingles are the most prone to winter damage. Although economical to install, they are highly susceptible to snow, icicles, hail and wind. Punctures or hairline cracks can be difficult to see, and anything that lets even a tiny bit of water into the shingle can eventually lead to disaster. Water expands as it freezes, so once the shingles have gone through a few thaw and freezing cycles, cracks and punctures will grow, making leaks more likely. Older shingles can also be ripped off by the wind.

Since homeowners have no control over these freeze and thaw cycles, the best way to protect the roof from extensive wind or ice damage is to take maintenance seriously. Leaks will often take a while to reveal themselves, so getting a visual assessment from a roofing expert after a major storm can help homeowners keep up with potential roof problems before they occur. Waiting until spring to have the roof inspected might be too late. Even metal, tile, slate and rubber roofs need to be inspected regularly by a professional.

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