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Homeowners should perform frequent inspections of the exterior of their home in order to keep future repair costs to a minimum. As the first line of defense against high winds and heavy rains and snowfall, the roof is a part of the home that homeowners should closely monitor for damage or weak spots. For many people, there is little more devastating than having their roof collapse, potentially causing irreparable damage to the home and the possibility of extensive injuries to the people inside. Although the majority of roofing issues do not result in a total roof collapse, any signs of weakness can have a significant impact on the entire home.

Often, when severe weather hits, homeowners prepare themselves for the possibility of roof repairs once the weather conditions have stabilized. However, it is best not to wait until disaster strikes before contacting a Grand Rapids roofing professional for help performing a thorough inspection that can help prepare the home for any weather that may be on the horizon. Fortunately, there are a number of easy to recognize signs that can indicate roof damage, which means that homeowners can take immediate action upon noticing possible signs of a roof's structural impairment.

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Missing shingles, cracked tile and leaks within the home are a few of the more obvious signs of a roofing issue. In addition, any noticeable dents on the rain gutters, siding, flashing or exterior doors can also be a clear indicator that the integrity of the home's structure has been compromised to some degree.

Especially after a big storm, homeowners often notice cracks in the windows or shards of glass on the ground. Although this occurrence may be quite common in areas where frequent snow or ice storms take place, it is important for homeowners to walk the perimeter of their home after a storm and replace any cracked or dinged windows as quickly as possible. Not only will doing so help keep the interior of the home warm during cold temperatures, but any children in or around the home will be at less risk of unwanted injury from contact with broken glass.

Regardless of the weather conditions or specific type of roof on a home, any home and roof system can experience issues caused by a wide range of weather conditions. Homeowners who learn to recognize the early warning signs and contact an experienced roofer for help with needed repairs, will find that they are safer inside their homes and may even benefit from a roof that will last for a very long time.

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