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While it may seem to many homeowners that the roof's shingles are the primary protection of their home against potentially damaging weather conditions, this is not the case. Especially in locations where rainstorms or hurricanes are common, installing a waterproof underlayment is the best way to reduce the risk of water leaks inside the home. There is a wide range of options from which to choose when it comes to picking the right underlayment for a home, which is why it is best for homeowners to contact a Grand Rapids roofing professional for a complete evaluation of their roof. Not only can an experienced contractor detect any potential problems with the current roof structure, but also they can assist homeowners in selecting the right underlayment for their individual needs.

Although shingles do act as a barrier against varying weather conditions, installing a waterproof underlayment can bring a number of benefits to homeowners. Particularly, those who live in areas with frequent rain or snow should definitely consider having a quality underlayment installed.

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Not only can this protect the home from water damage should water seep in underneath the shingles, but valleys, skylights, vents and chimneys are common places that water can get into the attic. In fact, for this reason, many shingle manufacturers require an underlayment for the proper installation of shingles.

One type of underlayment that has been proven effective in preventing unwanted leaks and damage is the synthetic underlayment. Although they may come with a higher initial cost, they do last significantly longer than standard options. They can also provide added benefits above that of traditional roofing felt, which is commonly used as well. For homeowners who wish to keep their roof for as long as possible, the synthetic material may be the right choice. The installation of a synthetic underlayment often occurs during the process of installing a metal roof as well.

Whether a homeowner chooses a standard felt underlayment or a synthetic variety, an underlayment can essentially save on costly repairs in the event of water leaks. Contacting a roofer who is experienced in the installation of a wide range of underlayment types is a good idea for homeowners who find themselves looking for ways to lower their risk of roof leaks during volatile weather conditions that frequent rain and snowstorms can bring. Homeowners should ask questions regarding their own unique home so that they can make the best decision possible.

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