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When it comes to maintaining a roofing structure, scheduling an inspection with Grand Rapids roofing professionals every six months is essential to caring for the materials. A professional roofer will be able to come out to the property and examine each part of the roof to determine its overall condition and how long it will last. For those who are scheduling a roof inspection for the first time, there are a few things to expect during the process.

A roof inspection will begin with a thorough exam of the roof materials that will include inspecting for curled shingles or cracked tiles on the building. Any materials that are not up to par will be noted so that they can replaced by the roofer. If the roofing materials are neglected, leaks can develop that can damage the roof deck and the home's interior structures. Homeowners may often find roofing materials in the yard after a heavy storm passes. If any of the shingles or tiles are loose, the roofer will likely add cement underneath them to secure them to the building.

The flashing on the roof is another area that will be examined because it's one of the most common places that leaks develop.

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If the flashing around chimneys or skylights has visible gaps or rust, the metal material will need to be replaced. The inside of the home near these areas will also be inspected to determine if water damage has already occurred underneath the roof.

In addition to the flashing and shingles, a comprehensive roof inspection will focus on the rain gutters. If leaves or debris have accumulated in the gutter system, it can weigh down the structure and cause leaks to form. This can damage the gutters and may require that they be replaced to ensure proper water flow way from the home.

During the inspection, a roofing professional may also take steps to prep the roof for the upcoming summer or winter season. If the summer is approaching, a cool roof coating may be applied to prevent the shingles or tiles from becoming too warm due to excessive sun exposure. In the fall, a roofer will prep the home for winter by determining if tree branches need to be cut back. The structure may also need to have heat cables installed to prevent too much snow from accumulating and causing ice dams or other problems.

After the inspection is complete, the professional roofer will provide the homeowners with a list of repairs that are required. An estimate for the repairs may also be given to the homeowner in the next day or two.

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