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There is nothing more damaging to a home's infrastructure than water leaks. Not only are they difficult to fix, but a tiny amount of water can cause a significant amount of damage in a very short period. The good news is that some roof leaks are predictable, which means that homeowners can take actions to prevent a leak from happening before it causes irreparable damage to the home. Seeking a thorough inspection by a Grand Rapids roofing professional can go a long way in the prevention of excessive damage caused by undetected roof leaks.

One of the most important places to check for potential problems with the structural integrity of a roof is near any penetrations. Checking flashings and sealants at penetrations through the roof membrane are two common areas that are often susceptible to water leaks. One way to avoid these leaks is to request that the roofing contractor utilize products with adjustable heights and soft feet when resting on the membrane.

The perimeter of the roof is another important place to check for signs of potential leaks.

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Any roof can be susceptible to leaks because of the transition between the two different types of flashing that include flexible membrane flashing and inflexible sheet metal flashing. Sealants should be closely inspected at these locations on a regular basis. The sheet metal laps should easily shed water as designed to prevent water seepage through the transition area.

Another way that homeowners can check for roof leaks is by checking a few specific places for problems with moisture or damage. If the home has an attic, the best way to check for a leak is to visit the attic on a rainy day with a flashlight. If there is any water, it will reflect the light, thus showing where the problem lies. For those without an attic, they should check the ridge gap, flashing, shingles, gutters and gaskets for any signs of moisture or potential problems.

Whether a homeowner is looking for the source of a current water leak or simply performing an inspection to minimize the risk for future damage, they may want to turn to an experienced roofer for help. If there are any signs of potential leak problems or the homeowner finds the source of a current leak, they should have the issues repaired as quickly as possible to reduce their risk of incurring extensive damage in and around the home due to excessive water damage.

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