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Although the appearance of moss may not seem like a big problem for many homeowners, it can actually have a significant impact on the overall condition of the roof. Not only can the clumpy greenery cause almost any roofing material to degrade, but also it will often continue to grow until it is completely removed from the roof and all surrounding areas. Although it begins as a thin layer on and between shingles, moss gradually lifts the shingles upward as it grows, which allows moisture to seep underneath the roof. This can cause a wide range of problems like wood rot, roof leaks and irreparable damage to wood, asphalt, metal, clay and even concrete. The good news is that homeowners can easily remove any moss on an as needed basis to keep their roof weather tight and in good shape. It may also be beneficial to contact a Grand Rapids roofing professional for a thorough roof inspection just to make sure there is not already damage to the roof.

For homeowners who wish to perform the task of moss removal on their own, there are a few steps to follow for best results. The first step is to gather all necessary tools and supplies. Typically, for most moss removal, homeowners should gather a ladder, safety glasses, rubber gloves and a safety rope, a garden hose with a spray nozzle, a scrub brush and a commercial cleanser.

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Once all materials are gathered, one can begin the moss removal process.

Begin by placing the ladder near the area of moss growth. Be sure to wear personal protective gear and attach a safety rope to reduce any risk of injury from falling off the ladder. Scrub the moss from the top downward, working in one small section at a time until all or most of the moss has been successfully removed. If there is still evidence of moss, use a commercial cleaning solution and carefully scrub the entire area until no more moss is present.

Once all of the moss has been completely removed, homeowners may wish to prevent a recurrent moss problem by installing strips of zinc or copper coated sheet metal just below the ridge on either side of the roof. For more information about how to prevent moss growth in the future, it may be helpful to contact a roofer to provide additional resources and techniques that can eliminate or reduce the possibility of unwanted growth of moss on a roof.

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