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A properly insulated home will not only stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, but its effects on the environment are impressive because of the lesser amount of energy consumption required to heat and cool the home. In addition, many of today's insulation options are much better for the environment than their predecessors. Aside from the environmental benefits, a properly insulated home can easily help reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling the home. Although adding new insulation to a home can be exciting for the homeowner, it may be difficult to decide what option is best for a particular home. Seeking knowledgeable recommendations from a Grand Rapids roofing professional is a great place to begin. However, it is important for homeowners to know the many options available as well.

When one thinks of insulation, visions of that dangerous fluffy pink stuff hidden between walls often come to mind. Although fiberglass insulation remains the most common type of insulation, it was once known as a cause of lung damage because of the phenol formaldehyde used to make the material. Fortunately, today's fiberglass insulation is made without the use of this dangerous substance.

Foam insulation is another popular choice for insulating a home.

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This unique form of insulation begins as a liquid and is sprayed or poured into a wall cavity. It then expands, filling every nook and cranny with foam. Not only does a foam insulation stop air leaks, but also it can be used pretty much anywhere. While other insulation that comes in large rolls is limited as to where it can be placed, the limitations of foam spray are rare.

Another insulation option that consists of 80 to 90 percent newsprint, cardboard and paperboard is cellulose insulation. The fact that it is made from wood fiber increases its ability to absorb moisture. However, the outgassing from the newsprint ink may bother some individuals who have a sensitivity to chemicals.

Regardless of the type of insulation used, the important thing to remember is that a properly insulated home brings with it a plethora of benefits to both the homeowner and the environment. A highly skilled roofer can provide homeowners with knowledgeable recommendations for their home, based on its specific location and weather patterns in the area. In addition, homeowners can gain an increased understanding of the importance of insulation and all of the choices available on the market today.

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