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While choosing a metal roof can help keep a home protected from the elements, it is equally important that the roof is installed properly. This is why seeking a Grand Rapids roofing professional to go over the process of installing the roof before any work begins is a wise step for a property owner. Understanding this process may help a homeowner anticipate how long it might take for the roof to be put on, when work can get started and how much the project may cost.

First, any existing roofing materials must be taken off of the roof. While a metal roof may be placed over existing shingles, it is often more effective to install it directly onto the roof deck. In some cases, a layer of insulation may be placed on the roof deck to ensure that moisture cannot seep into the home.

The professional performing the work may also take the opportunity to check the deck and other surfaces for damage. Fixing deck or truss damage is much easier when it is completely exposed, and it may be necessary to ensure that the new roof is effective against water damage and prevents the threat of pests such as termites from getting into the home.

Either before the old shingles are removed or just after, the roof will be measured to determine how much material is needed to properly cover it.

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A contractor will take into account the square footage of the structure as well as the slope of the roof when deciding how much roofing material to purchase. He or she may also buy extra material in case any mistakes were made in the initial calculation.

During most metal roof installations, the edge materials and a protective metal layer for the eaves will be put up first. Next, the metal panels will be laid on top of the roof deck or insulation. When the panels have been laid down, the flashing will be added on end caps and valleys to give them a smooth appearance and ensure that they stay on the roof. While it is not always necessary, sealants may be added to create a tighter seal between the panels.

After the roof is installed, the contractor will double check to ensure that everything has been installed properly and that all screws are aligned as they should be. The homeowner may also wish to do a final inspection and ask any questions that he or she may have before the contractor begins the clean up process.

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