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Also known as "rain catchers", gutters are an important part of the roof system for any home or building structure. While they do catch rain, these gutters serve a number of additional purposes that are often underestimated. The main purpose of a rain gutter is to protect the home's foundation by channeling water away from its base. In addition to the prevention of erosion, basement leaks and protection for painted surfaces, rain gutters provide an excellent method for collecting rainwater for use later. However, for rain gutters to work as intended, they must be well maintained on a regular basis. Although homeowners can perform a number of routine maintenance tasks on their own, it can be helpful to seek assistance from a Grand Rapids roofing professional.

Rain gutters can be made from a wide range of materials that can include cast iron, galvanized steel, painted steel, painted aluminum, PVC, lead, zinc and even copper. Gutters can be designed to fit on a home or building in a number of different ways, which means that depending on the specific materials and design of a rain gutter, there may be different techniques available when it comes to cleaning and maintaining them in the best way possible.

When it comes to gutter maintenance, probably the most important task to complete on a regular basis is cleaning.

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Gutters can become filled with leaves, small branches and other types of debris. The debris gradually fills up and compacts inside the gutter, preventing proper water drainage. Not only can this damage the gutters, but it can create major issues around the home's base. In addition, puddles can form on the roof, which can lead to leaks inside the home or attic.

For homeowners who do not have a great deal of time to invest in cleaning and maintaining their gutters, there are some useful tools that can reduce the amount of maintenance a gutter may need. For example, gutter guards are specifically designed to keep excess debris out of the gutter while allowing water to enter and flow freely as it should. A few of the many gutter protection devices available on the market include strainers, filter gutter guards, gutter brushes and snap in gutter guards.

It is important for homeowners to protect their investment in any way they can. By keeping gutters maintained and in good condition, the life of any roof can be successfully extended. Homeowners who prefer to have their roof and gutters professionally maintained should contact a roofer that is experienced in working with gutters.

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