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The installation or repair of a roof can be a substantial investment for many homeowners, and obtaining a fair roofing estimate can be a cumbersome and tedious process. It is sometimes so difficult that many select the first offered bid, even if the estimate may not be the best price for the roofing job. Homeowners should settle for no less than a fair and detailed roofing estimate, such as those offered by Grand Rapids roofing contractors.

Vetting a roofing contractor is the first step to acquiring a good estimate. There is a wide range of large and small businesses to choose from, and they all have varying amounts of experience. The homeowner should try to get as much information as they can about a prospective roofing contractor, and the right time to accomplish this is during the estimate process.

A qualified roofer should have a contractor's license that is in good standing with the local authorities. The roofer should also have roofing liability insurance. Without proper insurance, the homeowner can be held liable for medical costs for workers that are injured on the property. Also, each roofing contractor that submits an estimate should be able to provide references from previous or current clients.

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Homeowners can also consider recommendations from trusted family, friends or neighbors.

The homeowner should obtain at least three different roofing estimates for comparison, and each estimate should be examined closely. In addition to labor costs, the estimates will include material expenses. Some contractors will add a mark up to the expenses that may or may not be reasonable. Homeowners should verify how much the materials actually cost by contacting a supplier themselves in order to ensure that they are not being overcharged.

Another tip a homeowners should follow is to pay careful attention to how a roofing contractor conducts his or her business. For example, if a contractor promises to submit a completed estimate by a certain day but doesn't deliver it on time, a homeowner should view it as an indication of how the contractor will likely perform while on a roofing assignment. This is a good opportunity to assess the future of a roofing job. It is also a way to avoid any potential delays that can result from bad business or work ethic.

No roofing estimate should be accepted without research. Before settling on a roofing estimate, a homeowner should verify that the roofing contractor is qualified for the requested job and that the estimate is a fair assessment of what the job will cost.

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