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Damage to the roof deck shouldn't be ignored by homeowners because applying a new layer of shingles over a wet deck only complicates the problem. Not only will covering up a wet deck invalidate the roof's warranty in many insurance policies, but it can also damage the new shingles. While the tar paper on top of the sheathing is designed to keep water away from the plywood underneath, the paper presses against the shingles and can cause them to blister or decay from the bottom.

For that reason, homeowners need to contact a reliable, trustworthy Grand Rapids roofing contractor to correctly evaluate the problem and explain the consequences of a leaking roof. A professional contractor will perform an appropriate moisture survey to determine the effect the water has had on the roof deck as well as the extent of the damage to shingles and other structures of the roof. If roofers don't know what they are doing, their equipment might give a false reading, or they could suggest that homeowners recover a roof that ought to be replaced.

While laying a second layer of composite shingles over the top of existing shingles can sometimes be an option, that isn't the best option if the roof deck is wet. The amount of moisture found throughout the deck will help roofing experts determine if repairing or replacing only certain parts of the roof are economically feasible.

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If a small section of the deck was damaged by the leak, repairing or replacing that one section makes sense. There's no need to replace the entire roof if only a small bit of insulation or tar paper was affected.

If a large portion of the deck became wet or the water damage occurred over multiple sites on the roof, the insulation could have soaked up too much moisture. If so, the insulation might have matted or begun to mold. Important structures of the house's frame or the rafters could also have begun to crumble and rot. Extensive damage is highly likely when multiple leaks have come from several worn shingles or where underlying structures have cracked or lifted up in more than one area.

Extensive water damage is often costly to repair, more costly than having a roofing contractor tear off the deck and replace the entire roof. Since homeowners are not knowledgeable enough to make that type of determination by themselves, discussing the economic ramifications with a roofing professional can help homeowners decide the best way to proceed with the problem.

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