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Every homeowner at some point or another is going to encounter a roofing problem. Whether due to lack of proper maintenance, inferior roofing products or an act of nature, it is something that will come up eventually. Here are five common problems which may be encountered, and for which a call to a Grand Rapids roofing expert will become necessary.

If a house is roofed with traditional asphalt shingles, then it's only a matter of time until shingles become dislodged, discolored or punctured by hail or a falling object such as a branch during a storm. When shingles become curled at the edges, the roof loses its integrity, leaving it open to further damage and eventually a leaky ceiling. It's important to have the roof inspected for shingles needing replacement at least once each year. This is a fairly low cost preventative maintenance which saves money over the long run.

Every house has gutters, and smart homeowners are cleaning them out regularly throughout the year, especially if trees overhang the roof. When gutters become clogged with debris, they hold water, which is susceptible to molding when it becomes stagnant. This mold and mildew eventually makes its way under the roof where it can cause unseen damage that is expensive to fix.

Small animals such as rodents and birds are attracted to soffits, which are often overlooked by homeowners when inspecting the outside of the house for damage.

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An opening the size of a dime is enough to admit small rodents such as mice. This leads to major problems if they are allowed to flourish, and if they make their way into the attic or walls of a home, they can cause serious electrical issues in addition to the cost of extermination and repairs to the roof. Any small holes in the soffits should be plugged to avoid this costly nightmare.

Plastic roof vents are another potential obstacle, so homeowners should consider swapping them out for metal. Plastic is susceptible to cracking, which leads to leaks and water damage. They should be checked yearly for clogging, cracking and leaks when the rest of the roof is inspected.

The fascia is often taken for granted and forgotten. It covers the unsightly rafters of the roofline and is susceptible to moisture damage. Water damage will eventually work its way through the wood and into the roof of the house itself, which leads to more costly repairs. This should be inspected once a year, especially if the house is in a high rainfall area. Fascia can be replaced with a non wood material as well to help prevent future damage.

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