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When a house is built, contractors put insulation in the walls to make the home more energy efficient. While most homeowners already know that insulation is in place, there is a lot about insulation they don't know. Over the years, the technology behind insulation has improved to make it even more eco-friendly, so homeowners should consider hiring Grand Rapids roofing and insulation experts to upgrade the outdated insulation in their home.

The first thing homeowners need to know is that insulation is made from a number of materials, including wool, fiberglass and organic materials. Each material has its own insulative properties, and some of them simply work better than others in certain climates. When homeowners are choosing insulation for their house, they should look at Energy Star ratings, which will let them know how much energy the insulation should save them over the course of a year.

Although some homeowners believe that insulation isn't necessary, it actually reduces most cooling and heating bills by 20 percent and reduces the home's carbon footprint. The insulation currently installed in homes and buildings across the United States reduces carbon emissions by 780 million tons, which is the equivalent to 150 coal fired-power plants.

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Insulation achieves this by reducing the amount of energy required to cool and heat these structures.

Studies show that the energy saved thanks to insulation is enough to supply power to more than 90 million homes every year. These same studies also indicate that the 780 million tons of carbon emissions that insulation saves is equivalent to the output of 1.65 billion barrels of oil, which is around 5.5 barrels of oil per person in the United States.

While it's true that energy is required to make insulation, the amount of energy saved far outweighs this. For every BTU that is consumed during the production of household insulation, nearly 12 BTUs are saved each year with their use. This makes insulation one of the few products that have a positive impact on energy usage.

The same can be said for the carbon dioxide that is emitted during the production of household insulation. Studies show that for every pound of carbon dioxide emitted, nearly 330 pounds of carbon dioxide are removed with its use.

Reducing the amount of energy that people use to heat and cool their homes is important. According to the Department of Energy, more than half of all of the energy that American homes use goes toward heating and cooling. Hiring contractors to install better insulation is the best way to reduce the amount of energy that homeowners use.

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