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In order to obtain the cost estimate of a new roof, a homeowner should talk to a Grand Rapids roofing professional. As experts in the industry, professionals understand the intricacies involved in installing a new roof and can discuss the details of the process with homeowners.

One of the first items on a written estimate for a new roof is usually the dimensions. While a homeowner can estimate the size of their roof by measuring around the perimeter, a professional roofer will get on top of a roof and precisely measure its dimensions. Next, contractors will measure the slope and pitch to determine how to install the roofing material. A roof that has a steep slope may have accessibility issues, requiring the use of special equipment. Extra labor, extra material costs, and additional time spent on a job will increase the final price.

One aspect of a roofing project that can dramatically alter the price of the project involves the type of roofing material. Homeowners can decide if they want to be thrifty by using less costly materials or spend more cash on a roof that may be more aesthetically pleasing. Asphalt shingles will cost as little as $125 per square. In contrast, a homeowner could use slate tiles that have a price tag of $2000 per square.

The roofers from Summit Point Roofing of Grand Rapids would be happy to answer any question you have about insulation or general gutters.

Local climate will also factor in to the price of a new roof. Homes located in areas that experience extreme weather, like tornadoes and hurricanes, will require a roofing a material that is resistant to strong winds. In extremely cold places, more layers of underlayment may be required. Anytime a specialized roofing material is used, the price of the project may increase. Styling difficulty will change the final cost of a reroofing project. If a roof is cut up into many sections, it'll probably take more time to place shingles. Also, more sections will require extra flashing.

There is always the chance that miscellaneous costs will arise. If a home has rot or deterioration in the decking, it will have to be removed and replaced. This process will also affect the final price of the installation project. A homeowner will have to pay for the extra decking material, time and labor that went into tearing off and replacing shingles. Before beginning an extensive roofing project, many homeowners choose to have their house inspected. This allows homeowners to fix any problems as a prerequisite to beginning an extensive project.

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