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The formation of an ice dam can result in a great deal of damage to a roof under certain conditions, so homeowners should take steps to protect their roof before winter weather hits. Ice dams form over the eaves of the roof during winter when heat from the attic rises up to the roof and melts the lowest layer of snow and ice so that it flows down to the eave. Once the water reaches the unheated eave, it freezes again and forms what is known as an ice dam.

An ice dam causes a freeze and thaw cycle to develop that results in water backing up underneath the individual shingles where it will either freeze and cause damage or remain in liquid form and begin to penetrate the underlayment and sheathing. As one of the more common Grand Rapids roofing issues, ice dams can generate extensive damage that may not be immediately noticeable to the homeowner. Since serious damage may result in costly repairs, it is always best for the homeowner to adopt preventive measures to stop the development of ice dams.

In order to prevent an ice dam, homeowners should ensure that their attic is properly ventilated. A ridge and soffit system should already be in place as this type of system reduces the moisture and heat in the attic that often contribute to roof damage.

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The appropriate level of ventilation for the attic space will reduce the possibility that the roof becomes overly warm, melting any accumulated snow and ice. Homeowners should note that keeping the lowest layer of snow from melting will lessen the likelihood that an ice dam will develop. It is also essential to utilize leak barriers and protective membranes in the event that water is able to penetrate the shingles.

When an ice dam does develop, it is possible that the homeowner may not be able to immediately recognize that it is causing damage. It may be the case that the leaking water is dripping onto the insulation and cannot be seen, so scheduling regular professional inspections of the roof is a smart choice. Water damage will not only reduce the effectiveness of the insulation, but it will also create the ideal conditions for the growth of mold and mildew.

The damage caused by ice dams can be repaired, but it is much more ideal for the homeowner to do all that is possible to prevent ice dams from forming on their roof.

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